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Get This Colorful New Construction Craftsman for $588K

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Don't let the exterior fool you — this home is only 10 years old

It may look like an old house, but this colorful new construction was actually built in 2006. Located way out in Kane County, this four bedroom, two and a half bathroom house can be had for $588,000. It's actually a pretty unusual home in the sense that you don't see a lot of new construction homes borrow so heavily from the American Craftsman era. Sure, you'll see the occasional Frank Lloyd Wright clone, but this home is certainly a bit of an anomaly. Don't let the turn of the century look of the exterior fool you though, this house was built for contemporary living and looks like a new construction on the interior.

·41W652 Blackberry Crossing Circle Elburn, IL 60119 [Baird & Warner]