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Chicago Artist to Continue Pothole Mosaic Project

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The artist has already raised over $5,000 on Kickstarter

As winter approaches its inevitable end, the city will face the same challenge it does at this point every year: filling potholes. However, many potholes remain well after the winter months have passed, causing frustration among motorists, bicyclist, and pedestrians. Big issues often times require creative fixes, and one local artist has gained national notoriety for his public works/public art project of filling in potholes with tile mosaics. Artist Jim Bachor started patching potholes with mosaics in 2013, and has continued to do so every spring since.

This year, Bachor plans on continuing his work, but is looking to raise some cash on Kickstarter. The artist launched a Kickstarter campaign last week, and within days, has already received over $5,000 in donations. Rewards include anything from prints of Bachor's mosaics, to books, to an opportunity to assist Bachor in planting one of his tile mosaics into a pothole. The campaign runs for another three weeks, and Bachor indicates that he plans on using the money to install his public art pieces in other cities.

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