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Has Pilsen's St. Adalbert Church Been Saved?

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New reports indicate that the church has received a $3 million pledge

Pilsen residents and preservationists were deeply disappointed when they learned that St. Adalbert Parish would be closing. And just a month after the Archdiocese made the announcement that it would be shuttering the church, one community member has stepped forward with a pledge that could help keep the church open. According to a report published by CBS Chicago yesterday afternoon, an anonymous donor has stepped forward with a pledge of $3 million for the struggling church. This figure would be would be enough to take care of some big repairs — namely exterior tuckpointing — but it may not be enough to keep the church open. The Archdiocese has not yet made an announcement regarding St. Adalbert's future and whether the donation would be enough to allow the church to continue operating

However, if the Archdiocese does allow the church to stay open, Preservation Chicago Executive Director Ward Miller says that his organization would help raise extra funds to pay for repairs. In addition, Miller says that he'd like to see the church and the Archdiocese embrace landmarking, at least for the exterior. Miller says that the church is architecturally significant, as St. Adalbert, St. Boniface, and the Shrine of Christ the King all share the same architect. These buildings come from Henry Schlacks, an architect who at one point worked for Adler & Sullivan.

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