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Rent this Big Logan Square Mansion for $7,000/month

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The house has been seeking a buyer since 2012

One of the largest, and more interesting looking mansions in Logan Square has returned to the market. It's not only for sale, but it's also available to rent. Over the weekend, a reader sent over a Craigslist ad for the home, which is asking $7,000 per month for rent. Described as "extremely unique" by the listing agent, this home with its over the top exterior and interior design has been seeking a buyer for the last few years. In 2012, while the real estate market was still quite fragile, the home listed for $1.599 million. However, the market has warmed back up and the Logan Square area has become one of the hottest neighborhoods for buyers in recent years. Those who would prefer to buy the home outright instead of renting are looking at an asking price of $1.299 million.

·$7000 / 4br - Extremely Unique 4 Bed/5 Bath. [Craigslist]

·1856 N Fairfield Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 [Redfin]

·Eye Catcher at the Logan/Humboldt Border Asks $1.599M [Curbed Chicago]