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New Renderings of the Breakwater Floating Resort for Lake Michigan

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The team behind Breakwater Chicago has offered a new look at the project

The folks behind the Breakwater Chicago proposal — essentially a floating "resort" and event space for Lake Michigan — have been releasing new renderings of their project through social media channels over the last week, indicating that the project is still in the works and perhaps maybe even moving forward. Announced in June 2014, the Breakwater team proposes a 300' by 100' "island" that would have enough room for hundreds of people. The floating recreation space, which many have referred to as a "party barge," would also include three restaurants, a swimming pool, and spa.

We reached out to Breakwater to learn about their progress, but they've indicated that they're not exactly ready to share any major news just yet. "We just wanted to remind folks that we're still working hard to bring Breakwater Chicago to fruition," a PR rep tells us. "We've had our heads down working through design and engineering for a while now, but things continue to move along nicely." Early estimates pegged the cost of the project at $23 million. In the meanwhile, we have a few new renderings to check out and study.

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