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This Dairy Farm Turned Single Family Home is Quite Quaint

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This beautiful old Tudor Revival building was once an operating dairy farm, but it could be your family's next home for $1.595 million. Imagine what life would be like living in this five bedroom, three and a half bathroom home. When the kids misbehave, instead of telling them to go to their room, it'd be something like "Go to your tower right now mister!" The old brick silo would also make it more difficult for high school aged boyfriends to sneak in for a visit, so there's that. But all modern day Rapunzel narratives aside, this is a very unique and quaint home. It's also totally livable and sports numerous updates and nice amenities. While some contemporary "palaces" can solicit eye rolls, this one just pleases the eyes.

·550 Hathaway Circle, Lake Forest, IL [Estately]
·That's Rather Awesome archives [Curbed Chicago]