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Rent in Chicago: What $1,500 Can Get You Right Now

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Moving season is just around the corner and many renters are starting to look around for their next abode. The rental landscape in Chicago varies as much as its neighborhoods do, and so today, we're taking a look at what $1,500 can get you around the city. That amount will go further in some neighborhoods versus others. For instance, $1,500 can get you a four bedroom in Bridgeport or a one bedroom in the South Loop. Here's a look at what is available right now.

1919 N Spaulding Ave.
Asking price: $1,500
Size: 3 bed, 1 bath
The skinny: Here's a refinished three bedroom on the south end of Logan Square that is asking only $1,500. It's clean and looks to have brand new, well, everything (even a dishwasher). The Armitage bus and 606 trail are both within a block, which is a huge plus. Don't be too surprised if this one gets claimed very soon.

1048 W 32nd Street
Asking price: $1,500
Size: 4 bed, 1.5 bath
The skinny: Bridgeport denizen Ed Marszewski calls his neighborhood "the community of the future," and for those who see Bridgeport in their future, here's a spacious four bedroom apartment that can be had for $1,500. Have three other friends looking for a place? You're looking at less than $400 each person.

4609 N Malden Street
Asking price: $1,500
Size: 2 bed, 1.5 bath
The skinny: Here's a very spacious two bedroom in Uptown that can be had for $1,500 per month. The photos aren't that great, but they provide just enough of an idea of how this place looks. According to the listing, the bedrooms are all big enough to fit king mattresses. There's also a nice outdoor deck area. The Wilson Red Line station is also a short walk away.

1345 S Wabash Avenue
Asking price: $1,550
Size: 1 bed, 1 bath
The skinny: Here's a one-bedroom is a new building that can be rented for just over $1,500. Again, the photos aren't doing us a ton of favors, but here's (sort of) a snapshot of a one-bedroom that can be had in this range. The location is great, with restaurants, bars and grocery shopping all within walking distance.

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