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Chicagoans Capture First Images of Wabash Lights Test

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Last night, the first test of the ambitious Wabash Lights public art installation took place beneath the Loop's elevated train tracks. While the project's crowdfunded budget of $59,480 allowed for just a short section of track to install the new color-changing light strips, the project ultimately hopes to extend some 4,000 feet further down Wabash provided the current testing goes to plan and additional private funds can be raised. The goal is to give members of the public the ability to manipulate the color and sequencing of the lights through the use of a bespoke smartphone app that is currently under development. If you missed seeing the lights last night, do not fear -- the pilot program will continue to operate in the coming months as its creators evaluate how well the LEDs weather Chicago's elements plus the constant vibration of passing overhead trains. Here's a look at a few of the Instagram posts from Chicagoans who checked out last night's beta test of the Wabash Lights.

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