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Take an In-Depth Tour of Chicago's Famous Halsted Street

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There are many streets in city that are uniquely Chicago, but one of the city's most interesting is Halsted Street. Halsted follows a straight line all the way through the city, passing through neighborhoods like Bridgeport, Lakeview, and Back of the Yards. VICE recently visited Chicago to take a long tour of Halsted Street and to check out the neighborhoods it runs through. They meet with Ed Marszewski in Bridgeport, then head over P&G Shoe Shine & Apparel in Gresham, then over to Altgeld Gardens, then up to the former Union Stockyards and then further north to Boystown. Halsted is a major street that offers many perspectives on life in Chicago, and this short film offers a deep dive into what can be found along it.
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