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Tweaks Being Made to Logan Square Tower Project

The pedestrian wall is being redesigned.

Construction is well underway for the large dual tower project for Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square, however, some changes are being made to the amenity deck and pedestrian wall that will connect the two towers. Late last week, the city issued two permits for the project, both of which indicate that there will be revisions made to this section of the development. According to Rob Buono of Henry Street Partners, the plan has to be tweaked to make accommodations for the development's utilities, which include gas, electricity, water, and sewage. While Buono would not provide specific details on how the new landscape wall will look, he did ensure that the development's vehicle parking would not be visible from street level.

The pedestrian wall as planned became one of the more controversial elements of the proposal when it was first introduced in the summer of 2014. Logan Square's Milwaukee Avenue has become a food and beverage hotspot, and the idea of a 125 foot long wall on the corridor caused some concern. However, with the changes being made to accommodate utilities, Buono suggests that new amenities, such as a water feature, can be included in the new design. The developer plans to meet with Logan Square community groups in the coming weeks to present the updated design for the project.

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·Building permit [Chicago Cityscape]

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