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A Suburban-Style Rehab Returns to the Market Once Again

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Inside you'll find heaps of marble, arches, pillars and inlaid hardwood.

This extensive rehab in Lakeview has returned to the market yet again, this time with a higher asking price of $3 million. Perhaps the strong housing market has made this one a little more confident than it was just last autumn when it was asking $2.599 million. Described as a "one of a kind home" by the listing agent, this 6,000-square-foot suburban-style mansion checks off all of the prerequisites: inlaid wood floors, heaps of marble, a floating staircase, arches, pillars, and yes, a waterfall. One of the bathrooms, which the broker describes as a "conversation piece," has a colorful theme based on the part game Twister. This one first listed in October 2013 for $5 million. Even with a two million dollar drop, it's still going to require much more to renovate this one.

·1457 W Addison St. Chicago, IL 60613 [Redfin]

·Mini-Manse Steals the Show w/ Pillars, Waterfall, and $5M Ask [Curbed Chicago]