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Long-Delayed Children's Memorial Hospital Project Inches Closer to Construction

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Developers will meet with Lincoln Park neighbors one last time ahead of demolition

It’s finally starting to feel real, folks. After years of inactivity, the demolition of Lincoln Park’s deserted former Children’s Memorial Hospital appears imminent ahead of its planned redevelopment as the mixed-use Lincoln Common project. According to a 43rd Ward email bulletin, a meeting between neighbors and the development team at McCaffery/Hines will take place next week to discuss the logistics of the demolition and construction process. Those who live or work in the area are also encouraged to sign up for construction updates here.

Regular community outreach as well as rodent and dust abatement protocols were fleshed-out in an extensive community agreement signed by developers and local neighborhood associations (or at least the groups that weren’t involved in a lawsuit to block the project). The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 1st at 6:00 at Lincoln Park High School.

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