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Work Begins on a New Master Plan for the Chicago Region

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is in the early stages of rolling out its new long-term strategic vision for Chicago.

Chicago has a history of grandiose urban planning dating back to the old days of Daniel Burnham. The proud tradition is set to continue as the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) has announced it is in the early stages of drafting a new master plan for the Chicago region. Dubbed On To 2050, the new initiative builds on the group’s previous "Go To 2040" strategy that debuted in 2010. While many of ideas and points of emphasis from Go To 2040 will be carried over, planners at CMAP believe recent developments over the past six years are reason enough to warrant the launch of a whole new plan. Such changes include new technology, increased transit-oriented growth, and updated climate change prediction models, according to WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. At a meeting today, planners hope to engage 500 municipal and regional stakeholders to shape the agenda of Chicago’s next great master blueprint.

CMAP has already identified some key areas that they hope to address such as highway improvements, transit modernization, intermodal freight upgrades, inclusive growth, and tax reform that encourages urbanism. CMAP not only molds policy through recommendations, the group also possesses real control over how federal money gets allocated on big ticket transportation projects. The group will also focus on increasing "infill development" of unused land in existing walkable, transit-accessible areas instead of adding new sprawl to areas with little infrastructure as well as other green and sustainable initiatives.

Though the On To 2050 plan isn’t slated for implementation until 2018, CMAP is also eager to hear from the public in the meantime. If you’d like to share your big idea for Chicago and the surrounding region please reach out to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning at

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