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$1,500 Gets This Top-Floor Three-Bedroom Apartment in Humboldt Park

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It's certainly rental grade, but at the price, it's hard to beat

Are you one of the many people looking to make a move this summer due to rising rent costs? Here's a three-bedroom on North Avenue, east of the park, that can be had for $1,500 per month. It's a little difficult to get an idea how spacious it is from the photos, but for the price, it looks tough to beat. While it's not entirely refinished, a good bit looks to be redone, including the floors, walls, and bathroom. It's definitely rental grade, but for a couple of room mates or a couple looking to make a move this spring, this one could be worth checking out.

·1543 N Rockwell Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60622 [Domu]

·For Rent in Chicago [Curbed Chicago]