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City's Dollar Lot Program Moves to the Auburn Gresham Area

These city-owned properties can be purchased for just $1

The city's Large Lots Program, a program that allows homeowners in specific neighborhoods to buy up to two abandoned properties on their block for $1 each, is now in its fifth phase, focusing on the Auburn Gresham area. Dozens of properties in the South Side neighborhood became available earlier this month, but the program will stop accepting applications for the $1 lots in Auburn Gresham on March 21st.

The program launched in the spring of 2014, focusing on the greater Englewood area, which included sections of the Washington Park and Woodlawn neighborhoods. Hundreds of vacant properties have since been sold in other neighborhoods, including East Garfield Park, Austin, Roseland, and Pullman. The city hopes that by unloading these city-owned properties essentially for free, that property owners will not only help clean up their streets, but will also provide much needed property taxes. Of course, there's also hopes that new housing will also be built on the land.

However, not just anyone can score a dollar lot in the neighborhoods that the city is focusing on. One must currently live on the same street as a vacant lot listed to qualify for the program. In order for an application to be accepted, the city requires proof of ownership in these areas.

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