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Nicely Finished Two Bed Timber Loft in Wicker Park Asks $395K

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It's easy to understand why timber lofts are so popular. They're spacious, open, and show a level of respect to Chicago's history as an industrial giant by repurposing former warehouses and factories to house residents instead of assembly lines and heavy machinery. They also generally showcase the use of natural building materials, which many loft-dwellers appreciate. And sometimes, the combination of appearance, price and location all align to create for an exciting listing. For example, this nicely finished two bedroom timber loft in Wicker Park is just a ten minute walk to the park and the Division Blue Line station and is seeking $395,000. There's also a balcony off the kitchen and a gated parking space included in the price. A similar unit located on the first floor ended up selling for $10,000 over ask in December. This one's got everything a loft fan would desire, so it'll likely go quick.

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