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15 Year Old River North Condo Tower Plans Deck Refresh

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Built during the condo crazy boom cycle of the early 2000's, The Sterling Private Residences at 345 N. LaSalle is looking to up its outdoor amenity game amidst growing competition from newer rental buildings. As the market becomes increasingly competitive with each new tower, buildings have made efforts to differentiate themselves with unique luxury conveniences like virtual golf simulators and full service dog spas. While the Sterling isn't quite going to those lengths to remain relevant, it is proposing an upgrade to its 14th floor outdoor deck, according to a tip from a unit owner in the building. The space sits atop a 609-space garage and is currently quite stark — dominated mainly by a pool and a pair of full size tennis courts. The renovation plan would sacrifice one of the courts in exchange for expanded social spaces for dining and lounging, some much-needed landscaping, and a brand new dog run. Designed by Chicago's RADA Architects, the upgrade is expected to cost $520,000. It is unclear at this time if the project has received the requisite consent from at least two-thirds of the Sterling's 389 unit owners to move forward. No construction timeline was provided.

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