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One more look at this week’s demolition in the West Loop

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The row of older buildings at 725-731 W. Randolph Street are being cleared

Jack Martin

The West Loop is one of the fastest changing areas of Chicago at the moment, and it’s clear to see its quick transformation from an old industrial area into one of the hottest neighborhoods for new development. Just one week ago, crews began demolishing a row of buildings at 725-731 W. Randolph Street to clear the path for the construction of a new 369-foot tower project, and today, the stretch of older buildings has been almost entirely reduced to a pile a rubble. A Curbed reader has been keeping tabs on the demolition progress, snapping a photo of the progress from last Friday, one yesterday morning, and one from this morning. As of this morning, only one of the buildings remains.

The vacant cluster of buildings lining Randolph between Halsted and the Kennedy are being leveled to make way from a new project from developer Related Midwest. The new tower is expected to feature a mix of hotel rooms and high-end condos. A demolition permit to take down the easternmost existing building at 725 W. Randolph was issued earlier in November, while permits for issued for its neighbors at 727, 729, and 731 W. Randolph followed shortly after.

Here is what is left of the row as of this morning:

Patrick Martin