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Streeterville corner unit has spectacular views from every room

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Soak up spectacular views from this spacious two-bedroom in Streeterville

One of the cool things about the views from this unit is that when looking out the windows, it’s impossible to mistake the skyline for any other city than Chicago. The living room windows convene and in the very middle is the John Hancock Center—one of the most iconic midcentury buildings in the world—staring right back at you. The listing is filled with as many images of the views as the actual unit itself, and it’s easy to see why. You’d likely be spending more time soaking up the skyline views than thinking about which color or white you’d like to paint your closet. But regardless, the place has been tastefully updated and impresses at $800,000. The cherry on top is the balcony that peers out onto the Magnificent Mile and Hancock Center.