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Official groundbreaking ceremony for new McDonald’s HQ to take place Tuesday

Crews are working at a breakneck speed to construct the new global headquarters for McDonald’s

Jay Koziarz/Curbed Chicago

While construction is well underway on the future global headquarters for fast food giant McDonald’s, the company and construction team will be hosting a formal groundbreaking tomorrow afternoon in the West Loop. It’s not been a full month since the construction permit for the 600,000-square-foot office project at 110 N. Carpenter Street was issued, but already, construction crews have made a noticeable effort on the development.

And just as the project was fast tracked through the proposal and planning phases, the construction is expected the be rather quick. According to Ray Cisco, the McHugh Construction rep overseeing the project, the team is taking a different approach towards construction in order to complete it in the shortest time possible. Specifically, the construction team is utilizing the so called top-down approach. Essentially, the construction crew will erect the frame of the building, complete levels 2 through 9 and the below grade levels simultaneously.

“With top-town construction, we anticipate the build time to be approximately 18 months, where without employing this method it would be closer to 22 months,” Cisco tells us. According to Cisco, the construction of the new McDonald’s headquarters will be one of the fastest builds in city history.

The official groundbreaking ceremony will take place tomorrow at 110 N. Carpenter Street at 1:00 p.m. Until then, here’s the latest look at the site: