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Landmark modernist home from Keck + Keck demolished

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The lakefront property in north suburban Lake Bluff is being marketed as vacant land

After a lengthy effort from preservationists to save a prominent midcentury home from the architects Keck + Keck, the glassy home has been demolished and the property cleared for sale as vacant land. According to Crain’s, the sprawling 27 acre property is being listed for nearly $9 million. The home was asking $10 million before it was demolished.

Previously located at 925 Sheridan Road, the boxy home, known at the Blair House, was built in 1955 for Edward McCormick Blair, a descendent of Cyrus McCormick. Wrapped in glassy walls that stretched nearly two stories, this homes exemplified the modernist fascination with glass box homes. It’s an example of a personal residence that borrows heavily from the International Style that was commonly used for commercial architecture. And while the home may not exactly suit the tastes or demands of today’s buyers, it certainly was a shining example of forward thinking design from its day. In 1957, the Architectural Record called it "a residence of exceptional distinction."

Preservationist had long fought to help ensure the survival of the home. In April 2015, the village of Lake Bluff declared the home a landmark. However, Crain’s suggests that the move only helped to delay the demolition instead of preventing the actual demolition. The home joins other Keck + Keck residences throughout the North Shore to bite the dust in favor for new construction.