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Rent an apartment above Logan Square’s Bric-a-Brac Records for $1,450

The apartment is described as a “great value for your money” in the listing

As new developments continue to deliver new and pricey units to Logan Square, seeing two-bedroom apartments renting for under $1,500 almost look like a steal. While the two-bed units that you could get for under $1,000 in the years before the recession are long gone, it’s kind of hard to argue with anything under $1,500 at this point. If you’re into music and tiki-themed cocktails, then this location is hard to beat as you’d be living directly above a record store/venue and near the popular Lost Lake cocktail bar. However, if you’re looking to live somewhere quiet, this may not be your most ideal apartment. No interior pictures are included in the listing, although the landlord/property manager describes the apartment as “a great value for your money.” It’s hard to argue with that.