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First permit issued for Wicker Park Connection rental tower

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The 15-story tower will deliver 140 apartments and 52 parking spaces

Hirsch Associates

The planned Wicker Park Connection development for the southern end of Wicker Park, which will see the construction of 200 residences, is no longer just a proposal—a new building permit has just been issued allowing the project’s developers to start construction at any point now. The permit issued this week is specifically for the 15-story rental tower for 1640 W. Division Street. Taking advantage of its location near the Division Blue Line station, the new apartment tower will deliver 140 residential units, 52 parking space, and a stretch of new retail space.

However, there’s still much more to come. In addition to the rental tower, the plan also includes 17 townhouses and a seven-story condo building. The development will fill in spaces at 1200 N. Milwaukee Avenue and 1600 W. Division Street overlooking the Polish Triangle.

The plan comes from developer Centrum Partners who are working with the architects Hirsch Associates. With the pending start of construction, the Wicker Park Connection will soon join another Hirsch/Centrum Wicker Park collaboration immediately to the west at 1660 W. Division.