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Curbed Cup 2nd round results!

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Meet this year’s final four contenders for the illustrious Curbed Cup

After another round of Curbed Cup voting, we now have our final four contenders. Making it to the semifinals, Lincoln Square, Lakeview, Uptown, and Woodlawn will face off but only two will have an opportunity to take it all.

Lincoln Square has defeated the illustrious Andersonville neighborhood to advance on to the semifinals where it will face Lakeview. Meanwhile, previous Curbed Cup champ Uptown handily overcame Bronzeville to advance to the semis where it will take on South Side challenger Woodlawn.

While three South Side neighborhoods made it past the first round of voting, only Woodlawn remains. However, the Uptown community has proven time and time again to be is a formidable opponent.

Will Woodlawn hang on to face Lincoln Square or Lakeview in the finals, or will Uptown continue on to reclaim the Curbed Cup for the first time since 2011? Find out in the next (and final) round of voting!