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The Ricketts family gain control of yet another Wrigleyville rooftop

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The latest acquisition brings the total count to 11 rooftop properties which the Ricketts now control


The Ricketts family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, have scooped up one more rooftop property outside of Wrigley Field, bringing the total count of rooftop properties they control to 11, Crain’s reports. The latest to to fall under Ricketts control is the Down the Line rooftops at 3621-3625 Sheffield Avenue. The Ricketts family has had maintained an interest in the property since 2010, but Crain’s reports that the family will soon assume full ownership of the rooftops.

The Ricketts family began buying out the rooftop owners in January 2015 as major renovation work and the construction of new digital signage started for Wrigley Field’s outfield. By January of this year, the Ricketts family controlled the majority of the rooftop properties surrounding Wrigley Field. All of the Ricketts-owned rooftops, including the Down the Line property, now fall under the same "Wrigley Rooftops" flag.

In early 2014, a group of the rooftop owners took legal action to stop the construction of new signage which would block the views from the bleachers of some of the properties that surround Wrigley Field, but the Ricketts family and Chicago Cubs pressed on with the construction of new outfield bleachers and digital signage that were to flank the new bleachers despite the dispute.