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Fulton Market’s Bridgford Foods redevelopment gets reworked design

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A reshuffling of the proposed 322-unit building’s massing sees height increased from 13 to 17 stories


A major mixed-use development project headed to Chicago’s West Loop is getting a new look—and a notable bump in height. Slated for the southwest corner of Lake and Green, the updated plan for the Bridgford Foods property shows a sizable portion of the proposed L-shaped building’s bulk shifted from the southern wing along the Green Street to the northern wing fronting Lake. The tweak also means the structure’s maximum height would grow from the previously presented 13 stories to 17.

Interestingly, the shifting of mass (and the subsequent height increase to 190 feet) was not a case of the developer maxing-out the site, but apparently done so under the explicit direction of the city’s Department of Planning and Development. The change presents a southern portion that is both shorter and further set back from the sidewalk. This was done in an effort to better maintain a pedestrian feel on Green.

A rendering of the Green Street elevation from July’s community presentation.

Slated to contain 322 rental units and 250 parking spaces, the HPA-designed project was scheduled to go before the Chicago Plan Commission for approval this month but was deferred at last week’s meeting. Considering the scope of the recent revisions, the delay is perhaps understandable.

A Fulton Market neighbor since 1975, Bridgford revealed its original plan to redevelop its property back in July. The salami-maker’s Planned Development (PD) application also includes a new stand-alone five-story boutique commercial building across the street at 171 N. Green.