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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (16) Lincoln Square vs. (9) Andersonville

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Two historically European North Side pocket neighborhoods face off

Lauren LaBorde


After advancing beyond the first round of the Curbed Cup for the last few years but failing to make it the finals, Andersonville residents may finally have their chance to take the big win this year—but only if they can get past Lincoln Square first. Originally home to a large Swedish immigrant population, Andersonville has also long been a cornerstone of Chicago’s LGBTQ community. Its Scandinavian roots are still very visible, although the community is still saving up to rebuild a replica of its iconic Swedish flag-adorned water tower. The neighborhood has a small town vibe but is only miles away from Chicago’s central business district.

Lincoln Square

In the battle of the historically European North Side pocket neighborhoods, Lincoln Square is small but mighty. The neighborhood has never won a Curbed Cup, but will have to defeat the formidable Andersonville neighborhood in order to advance to the semifinals. The German heritage of Lincoln Square can still be seen to this day with such neighborhood anchors as the DANK Haus and events like the annual Oktoberfest festivities. Area residents celebrated the reopening of the historic Davis Theater, along with its new Carbon Arc restaurant.

But now, the decision is in your hands: Which area should advance? Cast your vote below, and may the best neighborhood win.