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New Milwaukee Avenue apartment project will have a rooftop bocce ball court

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Dubbed ‘The Western,’ the new seven-story project will deliver 44 apartments when completed

In the never-ending race to provide the most unique amenities and drum up the most attention and excitement for rental projects, the new developments on Milwaukee Avenue have been trying to one-up each other with all kinds of ideas from repurposing a retire CTA ‘L’ car as a shared hangout space to providing electric car charging stations. However, an under-construction project for the Western and Milwaukee intersection in Bucktown is looking to tap into the bocce ball craze by building a court on its rooftop deck.

According to a newly issued permit, the development at 1920 N. Milwaukee Avenue, also known as The Western, will feature a 3,775-square-foot rooftop deck. While outdoor grills and lounge areas are pretty much standard features at this point, The Western is looking to up the ante by including outdoor recreation in their deck space.

Designed by Brininstool + Lynch, The Western is just one of several new projects under construction along the Milwaukee Avenue Corridor between Wicker Park and Logan Square. Thousands of new apartment units have been delivered in the greater downtown area this year, but neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Logan Square are also witnessing a major influx of new (and pricey) rentals. And while it’s not exactly uncommon to see unique or high-tech amenities in new downtown apartment towers (for example, the new Wolf Point West has a virtual driving range), The Western is considerably smaller than the downtown rental projects at 44 units.