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Curbed Cup 1st round results!

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Last year’s winning Pullman neighborhood has been knocked out in the first round

After an exciting first round in Curbed Cup voting, we now have a clearer picture of how the contest may ultimately shake out. In a surprising upset, last year’s winning Pullman neighborhood was defeated in the first round by Lincoln Square. Pullman pulled together in a big way during the 2015 edition of Curbed Cup—but they’ve had their moment and now it’s time for another neighborhood to have theirs.

Despite receiving numerous nominations, Lincoln Park just wasn’t able to muster enough votes to surpass the formidable Andersonville/Edgewater area. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t an honest effort—that match received over 1,500 votes.

Bridgeport continues to show strength and will take on the popular Lakeview area in the next round. Both neighborhoods have had strong showings in previous Curbed Cup contests, so that will be one match up to keep an eye on for next week.

Perhaps the biggest surprise here was the contest between The Loop and Woodlawn. Some suggested in the comments on the match post and on Facebook that it was an unfair match. However, Woodlawn was able to stir up enough civic engagement to overcome the Loop—a heavyweight neighborhood in every sense.

The South Side is showing solid results this year with three neighborhoods advancing to the second round. Could Chicago’s South Side have another big year in earning another Curbed Cup victory? We’ll know better after the conclusion of voting next week, so stay tuned!