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St. Boniface renovation details to be unveiled at upcoming open house

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The Chicago Academy of Music will reveal their construction timeline at an event in January

Now that the preservation battle over the historic St. Boniface Church in the East Village neighborhood is in the rearview mirror, the timeline for the church’s redevelopment, along with the new construction surrounding it, is next on the agenda. According to an announcement from Bob Zwolinski, a community activist and stakeholder in the effort to preserve St. Boniface, the Chicago Academy of Music will be hosting an open house in January to discuss their plans for the site.

At the open house, slated for Tuesday, January 10, the organization is expected to reveal the construction timeline for the planned facility that will stand directly adjacent to the old St. Boniface Church on Noble Street. Representatives of the Chicago Academy of Music will also discuss the organization’s history and plans for future events and concerts.

After a very lengthy and at times dire preservation effort, developer Mike Skoulsky of Stas Development officially closed on the historic Henry Schlacks-designed church in September. Vacant since it was shuttered by the archdiocese in the early 1990s, the church would very likely have been demolished if the sale fell through. However, Stas Development plans to renovate the church into 15 for-sale condominiums, while building another 24 units on the vacant lot to the east. A new facility for the Chicago Academy of Music will be build directly to the north on Noble Street.

The Chicago Academy of Music’s open house to discuss its plans for the St. Boniface property will begin at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 10 at the Northwestern Settlement House at 1400 W. Augusta Boulevard.

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