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Pair of Fulton Market projects to headline December Plan Commission meeting

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The agenda includes projects in Logan Square, Old Town, Chinatown, West Loop, and Jefferson Park


Just two weeks after the November meeting of the Chicago Plan Commission approved a number of new developments, the upcoming agenda for the body’s final meeting of 2016 has been released. Though a final vote by the full Chicago City Council is required for all zoning changes and Planned Developments (PDs), the Plan Commission provides a early glimpse of the some of the real estate projects in the works while also providing the public a chance to testify for or against a given proposal. Here’s a look at some of the items that will be heard on December 15th.

170 North Green Street


↑ A Planned Development (PD) application from Bridgford Foods is seeking the commission’s approval to build a new 17-story mixed-use ground floor retail at its long-time Fulton Market location at 170 N. Green. Designed by HPA and first presented to neighbors in July, the 190-foot structure has increased its number of rental units from 314 to 322 while parking has been slightly reduced from 265 down to 250. The PD also calls for a new five-story, office building on the east side of Green Street.

210 N. Carpenter Street


↑ Also located in Fulton Market is a 13-story proposal from developer Sterling Bay and architecture firm SCB. Anticipated to accommodate the various suppliers and vendors expected to follow McDonald’s HQ to the area, the development would contain primarily office space as well as accessory parking and ground floor retail. Opposition to the project prompted the creation of yet another West Loop resident group pushing for new guidelines to restrict building height in the hot neighborhood.

1960-1970 North Milwaukee

Forum Studio

↑ This proposed Logan Square transit-oriented development (TOD) at the intersection of Milwaukee and Armitage would stand at eight stories and feature 132 apartment units and just 16 parking spaces—down from the 28 spots that was previously reported. The Clayco development will also include 7,000 square feet of ground floor retail and recently tweaked its design to incorporate an existing 1907 building along Milwaukee.

246-62 West 22nd Place

↑ An application from the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Chicago is looking to bring a new senior housing development to Chinatown. The seven-story building slated for 246-62 West 22nd Place would contain 92 elderly housing units, a community center, and 31 accessory parking spaces.

1400 block of North Orleans Street

↑ Known by the city as the rather long name of “1400-18 North Orleans, 324-44 West Schiller, and 1401-19 North Sedgwick Street,” a proposal from LG Development is looking to build a seven-story, X-shaped building containing 252 rental units and 89 accessory parking spaces. The project—which would replace Old Town’s Noble Horse Theatre and accompanying stables—was scaled back from an earlier nine-story proposal following neighborhood criticism.

5201 West Lawrence Avenue

Image via 45th Ward

↑ A four-story, mixed-use development is looking to replace a vacant lot with 39 new dwelling units and nearly 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood. The proposal also includes garage parking for 41 vehicles plus an additional 21-stall landscaped surface lot.