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Streeterville skyscraper gets permit to complete vertical construction

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Workers are preparing to take the new 465 North Park tower vertical

An already under construction high-rise at 465 N. Park in Streeterville has recently been issued a permit to complete the vertical build. According to the combined permits issued for the project, the construction of the 535-foot skyscraper is expected to come to nearly $90 million. The project is no lightweight however, and will stand at 48 stories and contain 444 luxury rental units and 11,650 square feet of retail space when it is completed.

The project comes from the Chicago-based Jupiter Realty Company and partner Met Life. The tower boasts a curvey design from Pappageorge Haymes Partners, a firm that has stayed busy working on several other under-construction and recently completed rental projects throughout the city. Monthly rent for an 800-square-foot unit are expected to start in the $2,800 range.

Heavy equipment was first spotted on the site of the future skyscraper back in June, but at this point, Streeterville residents can expect to see the construction crew moving vertical to complete the buildout of the new project.