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100,000 people attended this year’s Open House Chicago

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The Chicago Architecture Foundation’s annual event broke yet another attendance record

It’s now been a few weeks since Open House Chicago weekend took place, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation has the numbers for this year’s attendance. According to the CAF, 100,000 people attended this year’s Open House Chicago event which opened up over 200 locations to the public over the weekend of October 15th. In total, Open House Chicago attendees made 380,000 site visits over the weekend according to the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

The group also shared a chart with some numbers showing previous years’ attendance, revealing that this year’s Open House Chicago has been the best attended one yet. However, the trend is clear—each year attendance and site visits climb dramatically.

There will certainly be great expectations for next year’s Open House Chicago, especially considering that next year’s event will take place around the same time as the next Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Some of the highlights from this year’s Open House Chicago included the Yale Building in Englewood, the Colvin House in Edgewater, the new LondonHouse along Michigan Avenue, and the Nicols Tower at Homan Square.