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New units in historic Bronzeville mansion list

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An old limestone mansion has been fully remodeled as new condos

One way to make a return on some of the historic (and large) mansions in the Bronzville neighborhood is to break them up into condo buildings. One of these homes, the Shaw Mansion at 3423 South Michigan Avenue, has been completely rehabbed and reintroduced as a couple of separate units. The home sold in 2014 in a very dilapidated state for only $212,000, but today there are listings on the market for a four-bedroom unit and a three-bedroom unit in the old mansion. The larger of the two, which comes in at 2,200-square-feet and is essentially as big a single family home, is seeking $499,000. The three-bedroom, 1,950-square-foot unit can be had for $479,000. Here’s a look at the images in the listing for the larger of the two.