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Chicago witnesses post-recession record of construction permits, operating tower cranes

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Tower construction in Chicago is reaching new heights

This afternoon, Mayor Rahm Emanuel met with Alderman Brendan Reilly and representatives of the developer Related Midwest to kick off the vertical construction of the new One Bennett Park high-rise project at 451 E. Grand. The event wasn’t just about the construction of that particular building, but it was meant to highlight the rising levels of construction that Chicago has been witnessing this year.

According to the mayor’s office, the tower crane for constructing One Bennett Park is the 48th to operate in Chicago this year alone. Dozens of new tower projects are currently under construction and on their way to joining Chicago’s skyline, and many more are still yet to be cleared for takeoff. The mayor’s office says that the erection of this tower crane marks a post-recession record for number of cranes operating in the city at once.

But beyond the number of tower cranes rising over the downtown area, many other parts of the city are witnessing development booms. The total number of building permits is also up, with the city witnessing a five-year high in the number of construction permits issued. By the end of October, the city had issued just under 40,000 building permits—which is nearly 2,000 more than the same period from last year.

Mayor Emanuel says that the number of operating tower cranes and building permits represents the resurgence of Chicago’s economy and opportunities for “neighborhoods across the city.” And the mayor wants to keep the progress going. “As Chicago’s economy continues to gain strength, City Hall will continue to partner with all businesses, big and small, to keep the progress going.”