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Garfield Park brownstone with original Craftsman details asks $375K

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Get a stately old home for the price of a condo

This old brownstone in East Garfield Park offers us a good idea at how incredible the finishes were in many of the higher end homes built in Chicago at the turn of the century. Not only does it incorporate quality materials, but the interior details and ornamentation are things that you rarely see anymore. The foyer area boasts the original doors and staircase, which features some very lovely millwork. There’s also some new additions like a theater room and outdoor deck.

The home is not perfect however, and could certainly use a good polishing. But for the $375,000 asking price, this home has a lot of potential and would be a great score for anyone interested in historic details and historic preservation. Basically the same price would get you a two-bedroom condo in other parts of the city, but in this case, you’re getting an entire house—and not just a house, but something really special.