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Video perfectly captures the deafening roar as ‘Cubs Win’ hits Wrigley’s red marquee

Relive the satisfying conclusion of the Cubs' storybook season from the heart of Chicago’s Wrigleyville


It was a moment just as dramatic and satisfying as any Hollywood sports film: two simple words flashing on an electronic scoreboard triggering a mass outpouring of equal parts joy and relief. The moment—which was recorded and archived into perpetuity by a static EarthCam—managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere at Wrigley Field at the exact moment the Chicago Cubs came back to win from a series deficit of 3-1, breaking a 108-year championship draught.

It’s hard not to be moved by watching such a unified mass of humanity spurred into intense celebration at the sight of Wrigley’s iconic—and relatively recently refurbished— red Marquee as the real action takes place over three hundred miles away in Cleveland. And then there’s the sheer sound of it all. Headphone users proceed with caution, you've been warned: