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St. Boniface Church plays starring role in new Chicago Cubs World Series ad

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The soon to be adapted church was built just four years before the 1908 World Series win

Filmed in Eckhart Park in Noble Square, this Nike ad commemorating the Cubs’ historic World Series victory probably couldn’t have picked a better backdrop to symbolize both the decline and resilience of the Windy City than St. Boniface Catholic Church. Built in 1904 (just a few years before the Chicago team’s last World Series win) and shuttered in 1990, the long-neglected Henry Schlacks-designed church was the subject of a passionate preservation battle that ultimately beat the odds and saw the historic building saved from pending demolition.

Even the video’s choice of soundtrack—Willie Nelson’s "Funny How Time Slips Away"—rings equally true for both the boarded-up, 100-year-old church and the longest draught in the history of major league baseball. With the Chicago Cubs now crowned champions and St. Boniface on track to be born again as housing and a new facility for the Chicago Academy of Music, the future is looking bright as "someday" finally becomes "today."