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Chicago developer to star in new real estate reality TV show

Sean Conlon will become the co-star of CNBC’s new show “The Deed”

The Irish-born, Chicago-based developer Sean Conlon will be making the leap from the Windy City real estate landscape to the small screen next step, co-starring in a new CNBC series titled “The Deed.” Conlon will air alongside co-host Sidney Torres of New Orleans to help struggling developers. The show follows a similar formula that has been used for several industries—that is coming in and helping struggling businesses and business owners find success.

Conlon, who leads Conlon & Co., will help real estate developers stuck in jams. According to Crain’s, Conlon will be stepping in to help investors working on small projects in the $100,000 range up to major deals valued up to $2 million.

The show will premier Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 9 p.m. CST.