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Cozy, quaint worker cottage rehab impresses at $1.2M

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This home represents a deliberate effort to create something refreshing and functional

To the developers that say that it’s difficult to work within the confines of Chicago’s existing housing stock, take a solid, long look through this listing. Here’s an old brick worker’s cottage that dates back to the turn of the century, but has been very tastefully and pleasantly updated. Also worth noting is that the language in the agent notes is not the mindless broker babble that is all too common in listings in this price range. Are there stainless steel kitchen appliances? Yes. But, is that the highlight here? No. The highlight is that the owners were deliberate in (mostly) preserving the architectural integrity of the home while transforming it into a living space for contemporary needs. It’s indeed an impressive home. For $1.2 million, you can certainly get a much larger, more in-your-face mansion, but for those looking for both form and function, this is a great opportunity.

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