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Follow rocker Eddie Vedder as he tours old Wrigley Field in this 1992 throwback video

The young Pearl Jam star and Cubs super-fan gets genuinely stoked about sod


With the Chicago Cubs on the cusp of a potentially historic World Series game 7 victory, take a moment to follow Eddie Vedder on a trip down memory lane. Though the Pearl Jam frontman has been a televised fixture of the Chicago Cub’s post season run this year, the rocker is far from a fair-weather fan. Back before the age of the flashy jumbo screens, corporate-branded plazas, and the best regular season record in baseball, the Evanston native was no less enthusiastic about his chosen baseball team and its stadium.

Recorded in 1992, the video follows young Vedder as he makes his way around the Friendly Confines. It’s difficult not to share in the musician's joy as he points out the player parking lot, explains the anachronism of the hand-operated scoreboard, and gets genuinely giddy about discarded sod. Though the flagpoles in the old video may be empty, Cubs fans are looking to fly the W one more time tonight.