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Oval-shaped Keck & Keck midcentury masterpiece lists in Highland Park

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This unique suburban home revolves around a centrally-located pool with a retractable roof

This five-bedroom home on a 1.72-acre wooded lot in suburban Highland Park, Illinois makes the ideal pad for any lover of midcentury modern design. Conceived by architect brothers William and George Fred Keck and completed in 1962, the single-level ranch follows a flowing elliptical layout that revolves around a heated central pool accessible from nearly every room. Designed for maximum year-round functionality, this water feature is capped by a retractable power sliding roof. The home was also built with passive solar heating—a trademark of Keck brothers’ design.

On the market for not quite one month, this ring-shaped monument to 1960s modernism is listed for $1.7 million. Though the price has gone up since 2013 when the home was seeking just shy of $1.4 million, it's worth noting that the previous aquamarine interiors have given way to crisper looking white walls and less cluttered staging. While pricey, the property's current ask is still considerably less than the $10 million sought by another Keck & Keck home located on 27 acres in nearby Lake Bluff early last year.