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Proposed office high-rise in Evanston grows to 14 stories

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The planned high-rise development would replace a parking lot next to the Evanston Public Library

Earlier this week, developers revealed revised plans for a new 14-story office building to the Evanston Economic Development Committee. Proposed to replace a parking lot at 1714-1720 Chicago Avenue currently in use by the city’s library, the project comes from developer Conor Commercial and Wright Heerema Architects. The roughly 200,000-square-foot building would contain ground floor retail space and three levels of garage parking for 124 vehicles.

Updates to the plan include a bump from 12 to 14 floors and a new 20-foot set back from the street. The design has also shifted from a white cladding material to a primarily brick facade and moved vehicular access to the alleyway with no curb cuts proposed for Chicago Avenue, reports Evanston Now.

Conor has agreed to pay the city of Evanston $5 million for the property to develop the project, which has gained the initial approval of the Economic Development Committee. A follow-up public meeting is set for early December.