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Here’s a two-bedroom rental in Avondale for $900

If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t beat the price on this apartment

With how much rents have been going up over these last few years, it’s tough to find a one-bedroom in quickly gentrifying neighborhoods for under $1,000 and virtually impossible to find a two-bedroom in that range. However, here’s a listing for a two-bedroom on West Fletcher Avenue in Avondale for only $900. The photos are not great—it looks like they were taken with a wide angle lens attachment for a cell phone. But if the place does indeed turn out to be halfway decent, the person who claims this one can consider themselves to be pretty lucky. There’s no move-in fee, just your standard one-month’s rent for a deposit. If you’re tight on funds and looking for an affordable two-bedroom, better jump on this one before someone else does.