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Historic Gold Coast mansion returns with massive price chop

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The mansion hit the market last year asking $17M but can be had today for $13M

The massive 12,000-square-foot mansion in the heart of the Gold Coast that currently houses the International College of Surgeons has returned to the market with a major price reduction. The Lake Shore Drive property first listed in September 2015 seeking a whopping $17 million—becoming the second priciest for-sale residential property at the time. This past April, the price on the historic limestone-clad home was reduced to $15.75 million. And again, millions have been shaved off to lower the ask down to $13 million.

Even with $4 million in price reductions, the mansion is still one of the priciest residential properties for sale in Chicago. There’s nothing faux historic about it either. Built in 1916, this mansion features some stunning craftsmanship and finishes. Highlights include the ceiling millwork, the walnut wood paneling, and marble stairwell. There’s also a spacious two-story coach house included in the listing.