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CTA unveils new holiday gifts, including toy holiday train

Get your commuter something they’ll remember this holiday season

The Chicago Transit Authority has come up with a new way to make a few bucks: it’s introducing a new line of holiday gifts, including a first-ever wooden toy holiday train. The holiday train collectible is available for pre-order and will set you back $20.00. However, if you’re looking for other fun gift ideas from the CTA, you’re in luck. The local public transit authority is also featuring ‘L’ car Christmas tree ornaments ($34), iPhone cases (starting at $39), an adorable children’s ‘L’ car backpack ($28), tote bags ($25), and even CTA station signs—the same aluminum ones you see while waiting on station platforms. And beyond the new toy holiday train, there are several other new toy train models available for pre-order.

Here’s an idea of how the new holiday train-themed toy car will look: