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Work to begin on converting River North office building into apartments

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Developer Cedar Street has received a permit to begin the interior renovation of 676 N. LaSalle

More apartments are officially on their way to the booming River North neighborhood. A plan to renovate an existing office building while constructing a new glassy addition adjacent to it is moving forward with the issuing of a building permit which will allow developer Cedar St. Cos. to begin gutting the old office building at 676 N. LaSalle. Workers were spotted at the development site back in March performing preliminary soil testing—an indicator that major construction work is preparing to begin.

When fully completed, the new complex is set to deliver 149 FLATS-branded apartments to the River North area. While other FLATS projects throughout the North Side feature small so-called microapartments, Cedar St. reps working on the River North project have reiterated to us that this development will not be exclusively micro units. Despite the dense unit count for the project, the development will feature just 31 parking spaces—which the city’s transit-oriented development ordinance allows.

The first task, according to the newly issued permit, will be to gut the existing office building at 676 N. LaSalle. Eventually, a new eight-story structure will replace the surface lot just next door. In total, the developer’s plan will increase the building’s foot print by expanding the building’s existing size from 60,000 square feet to 132,000. In addition, the completed structure is expected to feature a rooftop amenity deck as well as 10,000 square feet of ground level retail space.