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Cute rehabbed bungalow scores contract in less than a week

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The three-bedroom home offered numerous upgrades at a reasonable price

Located in Cicero, Illinois just feet outside the city limits (and rising property taxes) of Chicago proper, this cheerful little bungalow dating back to 1904 was quick to find a potential buyer. Featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a back yard with a detached two-car garage, the modest home was the recent recipient of extensive renovations.

Though the jewelry-like light fixtures and flashy tile-work in the kitchen and bathrooms are a bit on the tacky side, the rest of old home has benefitted from new plumbing, wiring, flooring, windows, roof, furnace, and a fresh coat of paint. While Cicero is certainly no Kenilworth, the initial $178,900 asking price represents decent value and is nice too see as tear-downs become increasingly common.