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New 35th Street bridge between Bronzeville and Chicago’s lakefront opens

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The serpentine white suspension bridge has been in the works for a long time

After over two years of construction (and over a decade of planning) the new 35th Street pedestrian bridge has finally opened on Chicago’s South Side. The project—which spans South Lakeshore Drive and the Illinois Central rail lines—comes from architect structural engineer John Hillman who opted for a gentle S-shaped layout for both improved aesthetics and maximized skyline views.

Built with $18 million from the federal government and $5 million from the state of Illinois, the 620-foot suspension bridge replaced an existing 75-year-old catwalk that was narrow, poorly lit, and non ADA compliant. An additional pedestrian bridge is also in the works further south at 41st Street.

Greater connectivity between the Chicago’s South Side and the lakefront is another encouraging sign for an area that is finally beginning to see more investment. The 35th Street bridge joins other recent projects such as a new Mariano’s food store and the nearby Arts and Recreation Center at Ellis Park.

new 35th Street bike & pedestrian bridge

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