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Proposed TOD at Belmont Red Line stop gets new architect and updated design

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If approved, the six-story development would deliver 33 dwelling units just feet from the ‘L’ station

A proposal from developer GW Properties to replace a narrow vacant lot and an existing three-story structure just east of Belmont’s Red Line stop into a six-story mixed-use building has been shown to Lake View neighbors with an updated look thanks to a new architect at the helm. Based on recent renderings, the older and somewhat vanilla design from Design Studio 24 has been ditched in favor of a more sleek scheme penned by NORR Architects.

The new-look 945 W. Belmont steps back from the street as it rises. The lower levels are clad in brick while the upper floors opt for the grayscale “tile effect” that can be seen on an increasing number of blank walls across the city. The proposed building features 33 units, ground floor retail, and a roof deck. A transit-oriented development (TOD) in the absolute truest sense of the term, the plan calls for zero on-site parking.

While certainly one of the project’s main selling points, the proximity to the train also creates an issue to preserving an existing CTA easement. The developer and architect get around this accessibility issue by creating a lower level setback that will also serve as a cafe area for the building’s retail space. Since trains will creep along the Belmont platform at lower speeds, the issue of noise will hopefully be lessened.

Seeking a zoning change, the development is being reviewed by Central Lake View Neighbors before it makes its way to the zoning board. As currently proposed, the plan is not expected to be impacted by the long-discussed future CTA Belmont fly-over project.